Jessica Mundia, Kinesiologist

My name is Jessica Mundia, I am a Kinesiologist practicing and living in Hope, BC, Canada. Spending time outdoors and playing (injury-free) with my family is what I live for.

Throughout university, I competed as a Varsity rower and coached Junior, Novice, and Masters rowing programs. I am a sports lover and this, along with working as a trainer and coach, has made me passionate about working with injuries and corrective exercise.

After completing my degree, I began working at Optimum Sport Performance & Health Centre in Chilliwack, BC providing Active Rehabilitation and Muscle Balance Training. These services are offered at Optimum to complement their Physiotherapy, ART Chiropractic and Massage services. I currently work at Optimum clinic part time and truly value the team approach to healthcare.

Education/QualificationsChronic Pain Hope BC

  • Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology Degree (Simon Fraser University)
  • Practicing Member of BC Association of Kinesiologists
  • Advanced Exercise Prescription: Consistency & Effectiveness in Rehab and
    General Exercise Technique Certificate
  • Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist
  • Service Provider in Active Rehabilitation for ICBC

I began EvenStride in 2010 and my goal remains to provide injury prevention and active rehabilitation services at your home, a gym, or outdoor location that suits your training program.

What does a Kinesiologist do?

A kinesiologist helps train the human body to move efficiently, whether recovering from an injury, wanting to reduce chronic pain, or improve athletic performance.

This training involves identifying muscle imbalances and poor movement patterns, then designing a specific exercise regime to strengthen these areas and improve movement. Educating you in proper mechanics and posture is also a big part of what we do. This helps with adherence to the prescribed program and makes it easier for you to achieve your fitness and rehabilitation goals.