Project Description

Athletic Conditioning Hope BC

This type of training targets sport specific muscle groups along with deep core conditioning to better your athletic performance.

Whether you are an elite athlete that has plateaued or play sports recreationally and simply want to avoid injury, the following areas of focus are just as important as the number of miles or practices you log per week.


  • Overall core strengthening to improve spine and pelvic stability – creates a stronger foundation for powerful peripheral muscles.
  • Improving basic and multi-planar movement patterns to increase efficiency and functional fitness for your sport.
  • Strengthening of weaker muscle groups that are essential for prime performance.
  • Balance training to improve motor control and core stability.


  • 1 Hour Athletic Conditioning Session – ($65)
  • 6 Session Package – ($330)
  • 10 Session Package – ($480)
  • Take-home Program – ($20)