Project Description

Exercise for Injury Recovery

Whether recovering from a minor sprain, a torn muscle, or a major surgery, a custom exercise program will help to fully rehabilitate your injury faster.

A common misconception about acute injuries is that they simply require rest – especially for the first couple weeks. It is highly beneficial to your recovery to begin an active rehabilitation program almost immediately after injury, even if that only consists of static muscle contractions of the surrounding/supporting muscles and joints.

Each rehabilitation program initially addresses pain symptoms and decreases any swelling to regain range of motion. A progressive set of exercises follows to initiate specific muscle activation and overall strengthening to return you to daily functions and athletic abilities. The program is then progressed further to surpass your athletic performance prior to injury and ensure you are not prone to re-injury.


  • Single 1 Hour Session – ($65)
  • 6 Session Package – ($330)
  • 10 Session Package – ($480)