Project Description

Pre and Postnatal Conditioning Hope BC

Regular physical activity during and following your pregnancy is beneficial to you and your baby.

Prenatal conditioning helps improve your energy levels throughout pregnancy as well as prepares you for labour and a speedy recovery.

A program for Prenatal Conditioning may include all of the following or a single component if you have a specific area you wish to focus on:

  • Core strengthening and pelvic floor exercises to stabilize the body during weight gain, reducing low back pain, pelvic pain, and training to the core and abdominal muscles for pushing through labour.
  • Hip stability and mobility training to prepare the hips for the extra support required of the low back with the added body weight and changing centre of gravity. This also helps prevent injury by improving your gait (minimizing the “waddle” as your pregnancy progresses).
  • Upper body strengthening to train the arms, shoulders and upper/mid back for good posture with the added weight in the front, as well as for preparing your body for carrying and nursing your baby while avoiding injury.


  • 1 Hour Private/Individual Session – ($65)
  • Bring a friend – ($45 per person)
  • Class of 4 – ($35 per person)
  • Private/Individual 6 Session Package – ($300)